All songs produced by JAVIER G. SILVA.

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Javier Silva is a dream to work with. He brings an endless amount of creativity and professionalism into all he does. We feel incredibly lucky to have had him as a producer and couldn’t be happier with the songs we created together!
— Go Mordecai! - Indie Artist

Derek Sallmann

Javier is a great producer. He creates high-quality work that takes the song to the next level. He’s easy to wok with, responsive, and anything he produces is destined for TV and radio.
— Derek Sallman - Singer/Songwriter

"Having worked with Javier in the capacity of a mentor of sorts for the past six months, I can most certainly say that Javier is a passionate, caring, respectful, man of integrity. Those qualities are not to be taken lightly in our industry. Production wise, Javier has wonderful instincts, which are beginning to serve him well in his speciality field … working with singer/songwriters. Those instincts, as they continue to be balanced out by his ever growing technique and production protocol will make Javier a producer to watch in the next few years."

David Levy - Industry Veteran Composer and Producer -

Kerri Smith

Kerri Smith

Dree Mon

Dree Patterson

Adam Lawrence / Joshua Thorne

Javier was such a joy to work with. He took all of our ideas, inspiration, and heart and made that into its own unique song. All while keeping true to the original vision we had
— Josh Thorne - Artist/Songwriter

Sparrow Kay

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Javier. I love how he breathes life into my songs with his creativity and production work. I always look forward to hearing what he does with the raw material I send him.
— Sparrow Kay - Indie Artist
Ten Summersets


Aaron J. Trumm

Javier is brilliant, honest and knows better than anyone I’ve met how to understand and connect to an artist. In 23 years of making records, he’s the first person I’ve been willing to just hand something off to.
— Aaron J. Trumm - Indie Artist

Alice Beesley

Javier Silva is a talented producer, artist, and songwriter who understands the music licensing business. He went above and beyond the call of duty with a song he produced for me and a cowriter and made sure it was exactly what we wanted, along with some ideas he added that we loved and that made the song even better. He’s a great person to work with, and I highly recommend him.
— Alice Beesley - Singer/Songwriter

Robbie Tucker

I am always excited to work with someone like Javier. Super talented, has a great ear for melody and a creative mind to take a song to another place. He is not afraid to have ideas and is open to suggestions. Javier was a real treat to work with and I am so pleased with the end result.
— Robbie Tucker - Indie Artist

Kim Krenik

It has been a joy to work with Javier. As a producer, he has the vision and knowledge to bring a song to life and to create a strong commercial work. At the same time, he is humble and he respects and listens to the artist and writers, and maintains a balance of being a great listener and collaborator.
— Kim Krenik - Indie Artist
Javier was been wonderful to work with on my songs! I love the way that I can send him a rough work tape of a song along with a reference track and he will get back to me with musical suggestions and ideas. There is an easy back and forth flow of communication between us and I know that he is always working to make my song the best that it can possibly be as a finished production.
— Janine deSouza - Singer/Songwriter

Gary DeMichele

"Over the last year or so I've gotten to know the work of Javier Silva pretty well. It is very refreshing to find new up and coming talent in the music industry and Javier is definitely one of them. His production style Is fun, driving full sounding and even a little quirky at times ( if that's what's needed). Javier is reliable and efficient with a great work ethic but most importantly, when it comes time to work it's about what's best for the song and the goal of the client. Being a producer myself I can tell you that this is very important when picking someone to work with and sometimes hard to find! I would definitely recommend working with Javier!"

Jon Ciociari - Producer/Engineer/Musician -

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